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Dark Gypsy

Goddess Gypsy


Greetings.  I am the Domme you want. The Goddess you need. The Sadist you desire.  I am a ProDomme and FinDomme.  I am based in Tulsa, available for travel and can be available for online domination sessions.  I always travel with my toys and fun ideas.  I practice RACK(risk aware consensual kink) and SSC(safe sane consensual) philosophies in my play. I have a short form and long form questions for any new potential submissive/slave/pet.  The long form is for those wishing to be owned by a firm and adoring Goddess.  The short form for session based encounters.


ProDomme and Sadism are self-explanatory. 

Findomme(financial dominatrix) is a whole other ballgame.  I have games to play for debt contracts or wallet drains.  I also accept reimbursements for shopping, meals and entertainment, as no Goddess should ever have to cover those expenses.  Some paypigs/finsubs(financial submissives) prefer to cover a monthly expense such as a bill or hair/nails. I can reward you with content, ignore you, cam and text sessions, give you tasks and gain blackmail material(in fantasy ONLY).  I even offer cashmeets. For findom encounters, I require an initial tribute to make sure you can pay and to make sure you are serious.


Prodomme sessions are same rates as listed on Gypsys Wares.  They are designed on your kinks and mine. 


I am on Twitter @_GypsyH and as UrGoddess_Gypsy.